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Jim Francis
Founder and CEO of Wavemaker Consulting & Author of How Not to Suck at Public Speaking and Wavemaker Sales & Service Blogs 

Having delivered 
programs in various locations to include London, Hong Kong,  Dublin, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Nassau and across Canada, Jim thrives on adventure, variety and cultural diversity.

Norm Binion   
Head of Telephere Investments and Wavemaker Adventure Learning as well as a Senior Consultant at Wavemaker Consulting 

Having owned and operated several successful companies, Norm has a soft spot for entrepreneurs.


Jim Connolly 
Founder of Yacht BC and President of Pacific Yachting Enterprises Jim heads up the Marine Services Consulting Division of Wavemaker Consulting 

Jim’s work has always focused on understanding the customer, formulating business plans, developing teams and achieving results!

Wavemaker Consulting is a leading-edge management and educational consulting firm specializing in enhancing individual, team and organizational performance.

Wavemaker programs and consultancies focus on the customer experience (sales & service quality), the learning experience (training and educational techniques) and personal & professional effectiveness (public speaking, strategic planning, project management, leadership, teambuilding & life skills).

Wavemaker Adventure Learning is our learning events company which specializes in facilitating employee appreciation, planning, team building and leadership development sessions in a variety of unique settings. 

At Wavemaker Adventure Learning we take the learning outside! 

Our Approach

As every situation is different, we begin each engagement with an assessment of the real needs of our clients. We determine which of the performance factors most require attention, then develop a plan that ensures those needs are cost effectively met. 

At Wavemaker we have proven tools and processes for making those assessments, as well as a wide range of program materials on which we can draw to come up with solutions best suited to your specific circumstances.

Our primary objective is to give you and/or your company competitive advantage. We are not in the business of "me too" or "cookie cutter" solutions. Rather, we deliver highly effective programs that are either bespoke, or specifically tailored to your unique situation.

Our Vision

Wavemaker is all about helping individuals, teams and organizations realize their full potential. We believe that the world would be a far better place if everyone would strive to be the best that they can be. Our vision is to help change the world, one person... one team... one organization at a time. 

Our Values

At Wavemaker sincerely believe:

  • all people are capable of truly amazing things
  • sustainable success comes from the pursuit of a purpose beyond profit 
  • life is more about the journey than the destination  
  • respect, dignity and integrity are not for sale and can't be bought
  • we are only visitors on this planet and must act accordingly
  • life is not a spectator sport
Our Promise

To individuals we will deliver a greater sense of the possibilities as well as the skills, knowledge, tools and encouragement necessary to achieve them.
To organizations we will deliver measurably enhanced individual, team and organizational performance.


Jim Francis is a force of nature. He has an insatiable curiosity about people, technology, business and the world-at-large. Jim's a very effective communicator and savvy business strategist, with a sharp eye for details and understanding the big picture. His enthusiasm for internet-based applications, as a medium for improving communications and identifying business opportunities, is infectious.

        Colin Smith (Editor-in-Chief and Web-based Communications Expert)

Norm has a unique approach to providing coaching and leadership that truly helps individuals set and reach their professional and personal goals. I thoroughly enjoyed his workshops and I highly recommend Norm as an instructor.

        Jennifer Abbott (Owner & Practitioner, Hear at Home Mobile Hearing Clinic)

I am proud to recommend Jim as he is a truly genuine mentor and business professional. Jim and I have forged a strong relationship in which he continues to share a wealth of information on the many facets of our business world. Jim’s ability to communicate new perspectives has added great value to both my personal and professional life. This is something I am truly grateful for.

        Corey Cleveland (Financial Strategist - Business Instincts Group)

Norm is a great guy and valuable community leader. I recommend Norm to anyone looking for someone they can trust.

        Joe Heilman (Director, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce)

Jim’s connections within the training and coaching industry are broad and deep—connections that enable him to marshal the professional resources are needed to successfully complete just about any type of project that comes his way whether training, coaching, assessment or research. I am unreserved in recommending Jim Francis. Give him a call—you’ll be glad you did.

        Dr. Tom Olson (Performance Consultant and Author)

To get results no one else gets, you have to do things no one else does.

If you would like to know more about how Wavemaker Consulting can help
you and your business achieve unprecedented results, contact us at:


Wavemaker Consulting
2935 Dresden Way
North Vancouver
British Columbia
V7H 1P7

604-983-WAVE (9283)

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