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A New Blog Article:

Talking To Strangers
Wavemaker Blogs 

Feature short articles inviting your comments. Click on the link above to check out our lastest article. 

A New Book:

I'm very excited to announce that my new book How Not to Suck at Public Speaking - 50 ways to leave your fears behind and become a great presenter 
is now available! Click on the above link to order your copy today.

A New Cause:

Jim and Norm try to outstretch each other in the Wavemaker Bungee Run they sponsored as part of the tenth running of the Canadian Cancer Society North Shore Relay for Life. 

Programs & Events

Wavemaker Boot Camps and Team Days

We are pleased to announce the launch of 3 new Boot Camp and 2 new Team Day offerings. Click on the links to learn more.

Cool Stuff!

Click here to view photos of a recent Wavemaker Team Day

We believe people make all the difference...

A comprehensive approach to improving individual, team and organizational performance can gain you competitive advantage and unprecedented results that translate straight to the bottom line!

Today, it is impossible to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through price, product or channel innovation, as thanks to the Internet, all three can be duplicated in a matter of weeks, days, even hours.

To thrive in these challenging economic times, you must differentiate in other ways, and ready yourself to simply 
outperform the competition.
At Wavemaker we see performance as a function of several factors. To excel at any task, people need to:

  • know precisely what is expected of them and how they are doing against those expectations 
  • be aware of the rewards associated with success and consequences of failure
  • attain the requisite skills and knowledge 
  • have access to the systems, tools, materials and processes required 

To help individuals, teams and organizations perform at their best, we have developed tools that ensure all of these factors are being effectively and efficiently addressed, as well as a suite of solutions to bridge any gaps.

For a free, no obligation consultation on how we can help you improve performance, find competitive advantage and increase your bottom line, give us a call.

I have worked for a lot of different companies and had the opportunity to do a variety of team building events, but yesterday's session stands out as one of the very best!
                         Sarah Lounds (
Security Supervisor, Concord Security)

Thanks so much for your excellent teaching and great support. It was one of the most enjoyable learning experiences I've ever had. You offered us unique opportunity to enhance our public speaking skills which are critical to our future success as accountants. 

                         Hoon Kim (Accounting Student and Aspiring Public Speaker)

Jim Francis has been a colleague and client of mine for many years. Intelligence, ability, persistence, enthusiasm and dedication are just some of what Jim brings to the projects he takes on. Whether charged with creating and delivering a one time course or developing an entire program, Jim achieves excellent results.

                          Dr. Tom Olson (Performance Consultant and Author)

To learn more about how Wavemaker Consulting can help you and your business achieve unprecedented results, contact us at: 


Wavemaker Consulting
2935 Dresden Way
North Vancouver
British Columbia
V7H 1P7

604-983-WAVE (9283)


 Success is not so much a result of having all the right answers, but more the product of asking all the right questions.


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